Thursday, October 27

A Yummy Fish Recipe from Martha's Vineyard

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Recently, I've been sharing the details of our vacation to Martha's Vineyard. You can find the post about the island here & the post about boating & fishing here. I promised to share our friend Cari's yummy recipe for cooking fish this time. We caught all Bluefish in the Atlantic waters near MV. 
And our friend, Cari, has lots of experience cooking them. Here's how she does it . . . {click on the blue bar below to read more}

Cari's Baked Fish

Line a cookie sheet with aluminum foil & coat with a non-stick spray.

Mix together equal parts of the following three ingredients:
  • Mayonnaise
  • Butter
  • Fresh grated Parmesan cheese
Spread mixture on fish fillets. Sprinkle with Italian bread crumbs. {Dill can also be added.}

Bake at 350°. Check in 25 minutes to be sure fish is done. Don't overcook.

It's so delicious! She said you can also use this topping for other fish such as Tilapia. Thank you Cari for your wonderful hospitality!

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