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Friday, April 15

Spring Porch Decorations at Wheadon House

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Yay! It's spring! What a great season - though the weather can be temperamental here in Utah. Did you read the article this month in Country Living about how wonderful porches are? It was fun to decorate my own porch with pops of yellow.

These yellow pillows were left over from our "Hello Yellow Wedding". I've been dying to use them again. 
Although Adirondack chairs are one of our favorite styles, we don't always find them comfy. These chairs {found at World Market} don't lean back as far as traditional Adirondacks & we thought they were way more comfortable.  Plus they come in so many pretty colors! I really wanted white, but there is still a lot of new construction going on in our neighborhood which equals dust, which equals me going crazy trying to keep them looking clean. So this grey was a pretty alternative. 
And, of course, who doesn't love some cheery forsythia! What are you doing at your house to prepare for spring?

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