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Friday, June 13

Our Yellow Wedding Plans

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Great news friends! My dear son, Jeff is engaged to be married. Here he is proposing to the lovely Kaela during a croquet game . . . 

We are having such fun planning the wedding! Kaela has chosen bright yellow, gray, & white as their wedding colors. We're making some great progress on our preparations. Here are some of the things we've chosen so far . . . 

1 - Baby Alice's dress
2 - The groomsmen's socks {I LOVE them!}
3 - Pillows for the benches in the barn where we're having the       
4 - The bridesmaid's skirts
5 - Mother of the groom dress {that's me! I chose the one that hides
     the most fat!}
6 - Fabric I'll be using to make table squares for the wedding dinner

Here's one more purchase we've made - skinny ties for the groomsmen {to wear with their tuxes}. You can find them here.

Please check back for more details as we go!


  1. She's a lucky girl to have you for a future MIL & your vast talents in planning a wedding! The colors are so fun!

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