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Saturday, February 27

Sara Jane's Baby Shower

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Did you know that my friend & contributor Sara Jane is expecting TWINS!? Two precious little boys are on the way & I just attended a fun "Double Trouble & Twice the Fun" baby shower hosted by her lovely friends Jamie & Jordan.
The shower decor featured Sara's favorite - black & white graphic prints. 
The refreshments included fruit, vegetables, and {of course} donuts! Ha ha! Sara loves donuts. So does Michelle, but she's still trying to get rid of her holiday weight, so she didn't have any! Isn't the "Dirty Diet Coke" bar cute? I DID get to have some of that.
Of course, her guests brought some darling gifts. Check out this quilt - Sara's mom Dru hand made two for the babies. *Swoon*
Check out the little fox outfits above. I gave Sara a Modern Burlap blanket. I just love them!
Would you like a peek at Jordan's living room? I thought so! Being the creeper guest I am - I snapped a couple of photos on the way out because it was so pretty.
Congratulations Sara Jane! I'm looking forward to holding those babies. #ThirdGrandma


  1. Love this post! Makes me feel like I got to be there celebrating Sara and those cute boys! I love the blanket you got her! So adorable! Such a fun shower!

    1. Hey Beck, we sure missed having you there. But Jordan did a great job on the shower & it was so fun to be with Sara.

      Love ya! Michelle

  2. showers are so exciting for the new mom. Your post does an amazing way of reflecting the excitement you all enjoyed at Sara Jane's shower. I have never seen those baby burlap blankets before and thought it was adorable! I have three married grown sons and a growing family as I seem to be going to a baby shower a year lately. I'm always looking for unique baby gifts and your post gave me a few nuggets to think about! Thanks for sharing, Michelle!

    1. Hi Sue, Thanks so much for taking the time to leave your sweet comment. The Modern Burlap blanket was a big hit at the shower. They have lots of designs including several scriptures. Very sweet. I popped by your beautiful blog & I enjoyed the post about what you're reading.

      Warmly, Michelle

  3. Thank you for so perfectly capturing my shower. I will cherish the post forever. Love you so much! Xo

    1. Sara!!! I just love you. So happy about these little ones coming into your home. You & Chris are going to do such a wonderful job raising them. And you look so beautiful pregnant. It was great to see you.

      Love, MIchelle


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