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Friday, February 26

A Little St. Patrick's Day Decor

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As you probably already know, I love seasonal decor. And my favorite spot to decorate {and for some holidays, the only area I decorate} is my entry way. 

If you saw my post about Valentine's decor {CLICK HERE if you missed it}, the wreath might look familiar. Without the red ribbon, the bright green is perfect for St. Paddy's.
I am so in love with this "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" print. You can order it on one of my favorite sites - Dear Lillie.  I bought the PDF & printed it to poster size. I also give this print as gifts to some of my Irish friends - although smaller than you see here. The white frame gets recycled a lot at my house!
The toile fabric square is home-made. It is so much less expensive than buying ready-made linens. For very little money, I purchased lots of this fabric & I have matching table runners too. I used them for a luncheon I hosted one time & it's great to have them on hand. CLICK HERE for my tutorial on making your own table linens.  
. . . And speaking of Irish Eyes, here's my own little Irish boy Jeff - when he was just a little kipper. It has been fun to discover that we do have some Irish ancestry! And here he is all grown up {when we were visiting Ireland} . . . 
He's a keeper - "to be sure, to be sure". 

PS - The Irish really do say, "to be sure, to be sure"! CLICK HERE to learn more about what we learned on our trip to The Emerald Isle.

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