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Monday, August 17

Lovely & Delicious Personal Progress Treats

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Note: Personal Progress is a goal-setting program for the young women of our church {ages 12-18}. The program has eight "values" which symbolize something that is important to us in our faith. Each value has a name & a color. The colors are a fun way to teach the program, as you will see in this post.

I recently attended a Personal Progress activity & I was impressed with the darling displays & color-themed refreshments . . . 

Integrity - Purple, meaning: we are of royal birth

Individual Worth - Red, meaning: reminder of the blood of Christ

Faith - White, meaning: purity

Knowledge - Green, meaning: reminder of growth

Choice & Accountability - Orange, meaning: caution

Divine Nature - Blue, meaning: the sky & heaven


  1. What a great idea!! I love all the colors! This really makes me miss being in young women's! ;)

    1. Hi Friend! I love it too! I've never seen the colors used like they did for the food. Hope you are doing well.

      Love, Michelle


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