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Tuesday, August 11

Cleaning My Windows - Not Such a "Pane" After All

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Please note: This post is a product review. I was compensated with products in exchange for the publication of my experience. The opinions expressed are my own.
 If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that our house is on the real estate market. That has meant lots of torture
preparation getting everything presentable enough for people to see it. It has taken quite a bit of chocolate to make it through the process!

I would say my biggest challenge as a domestic goddess is cleaning mirrors & windows. I have always struggled with this. AND the windows in the photo above are difficult to because of the bushes in front of them. No problem, because I have "connections". My friends Cheryl & Dewey have a wonderful store called The Cleaning Supplier (in Draper, Utah).  They provided me with this extension pole which can help with hard-to-reach places. I also love the "Back Flip" combination washer/squeegee attachment.
It lets you clean with one side -  turn it around & squeegee with the other. Whatever cleaner you use, I recommend  mostly water. I remember an expert saying once, "Remember you are washing your windows - not giving them a bath!". 
I used a few drops of this product (but I have often used Dawn dishwashing liquid & had pretty good results also).
So basically, my windows look pretty fabulous now. Thank you Cheryl & Dewey!  Contact them with YOUR cleaning dilemmas at 256 East 12300 South, Draper Utah.  The phone is 801-562-2158. And please cross your fingers for me that my house sells soon!

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