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Tuesday, December 9

How to Make Your Own Photo Christmas Card

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I do love a lot of the designs of the photo Christmas cards that you can buy from companies like Tiny Prints, but sometimes I can't find the perfect wording that I'm looking for. For a while now I've been creating our own cards. It's easy! I'll show you how. Here's this years card & how I made it.

Go to the Pic Monkey website. A lot of the features are free, but I do have a membership. I love it & I use it everyday. When you hover the mouse on the "Design" button {see below}, a drop-down window allows you to choose the size you want. It might be a good idea to check with the company your using to print your cards to make sure you're choosing a size that's available.
Once you choose your size, the next screen will look like this . . .
If you want a vertical {or portrait} card, you are set. If not, rotate the image . . . 
Here are the next steps . . . 
You don't need a label background. If you don't want one, skip steps 8 - 10 & you can just put the text right over the photo.
Again, you will need to drag to adjust the location. You can also control the size & color of your text. The "joy to the world" font is Cardo & "Love at Christmas" is Great Vibes.
I then go to the Walgreens website & upload the card onto the "Blank Card". You can also create a back. I like to have them printed on the cardstock. And remember - there's almost always a promo code!
Please let me know if you use this tutorial & if it was helpful.

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  1. I already did my cards for this year but I'm pinning this & definitely doing this next time! Thank you!!


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