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Monday, December 8

A Christmas Table Tour {Our Church Christmas Party}

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For our church Christmas dinner party this year, each table was assigned to a different "hostess". She brought her own dishes & centerpiece from home & each table was decorated in her unique style. It was lots of fun, plus the food was delicious! {More about that in a minute.}

Here's a "Tour of Tables" just for you. I'm starting with one of my favorites. It was the only table with blue & it kind of reminded me of Frozen. The battery lights in the tree were the icing on the cake.

I love my friend Tammy's style and her Friendly Village Dinnerware evokes a warm feeling of days gone by. Her centerpiece was a globe. But she really blew my mind by thinking to bring coordinating pads & mini wreaths for each chair! BRILLIANT! I also loved her Christmas cracker favors on each plate. Lots of other tables featured a chocolate favor. Mmm!
For my own table, I used my {"Old Faithful"} gold chargers. A wreath with a hurricane makes an easy & low centerpiece. I also brought my chair covers & sashes to dress up the plastic church chairs. 
This silver & white table felt so elegant. These pewter goblets are on my wish list - they keep your drink so nice & cold!
In short, I've never seen so much pretty Christmas  dinnerware in one place before!
The food:
We have a little joke that "Sister Costco" made it. And it this case, she outdid herself. The food tasted home-made & delicious. My friend Kirstie "catered" the dinner herself - all with the help of our favorite wholesale store! Here's the menu:

  • ham & turkey - purchased from the Honeybaked Ham store - with discount gift cards purchased at Costco
  • Yukon Gold mashed potatoes - they come in a big carton & only have to be warmed up
  • turkey gravy - pre-made at Costco
  • steamed broccoli, cauliflower & carrots {Kirstie said she wished she had left the broccoli out because it is difficult not to overcook it
  • spinach salad with Brianna's Poppy Seed dressing 
  • pumpkin pie - from you-know-where

What's your favorite church Christmas party

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  1. I love this idea so much! I've worked my committee way too hard these last 2 Christmas parties. This rocks! :)


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