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Tuesday, August 26

Jeff & Kaela's Engagement

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I've dreamt of this for a long time - my dear son Jeff finding a girl to love & spend a lifetime with. And then one day she walked into his life & things were never the same. It is a pleasure to welcome the adorable Kaela into the family!

Jeff was determined to surprise Kaela with his proposal - but she was expecting it, which made things tricky! We had been playing croquet as a family & Jeff knew if he proposed during a casual game she wouldn't suspect a thing. She didn't suspect & honestly {at first} I was afraid she was going to pass out from the surprise.
We tied the ring onto the last peg & let her win the game so she got there first.
Did I cry when he proposed? Of course!
The engagement pics were so nice that we had a hard time choosing a favorite for the announcement. I highly recommend our photographer Jennilyn Proulx - who also photographed our wedding, reception, & Kaela's bridals.

Our lovely bride chose bright yellow & gray for her wedding colors - which was SO fun & happy. I just loved her whimsical bridal pics . . . 
More details on the wedding to come.


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