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Friday, September 27

Real Homes for Real People - A Mountain Home Tour

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So my friend Drexel moved from our neighborhood to a beautiful home in a small town nestled in the mountains. But thank heaven she is still within driving distance! I recently helped her hang some prints & wall hangings AND while I was at it, took some pics for a home tour. 

NOTE: They have only just moved in, so the whole house wasn't ready. I just have a little sample for you. Also, this home has a lot of windows {YAY!}, but the bad news is that I was there during a time of the day where the light was too bright for ideal pictures. So please take that into account as you look at these.

We'll start with her clock gallery wall. I am so fond of groupings - especially when they include clocks!
{CLICK HERE} for another clock wall!

Drexel saw a similar rugs-on-the-wall idea {below} in a Pottery Barn catalog & put her own spin on it. "Global" is one of the decor styles she gravitates to & this grouping evokes a global vibe without making it feel too "theme-y". 
This home has an engaging "Mountain European" style kitchen. Notice the warm copper range hood & the fridge with cabinet door fronts. Ahh! 
And who doesn't love beautiful, fluffy beds?

My advice about light switches? Ignore them & place your wall grouping where it needs to go . . . 
And here are just a few more little pics of awesomeness . . . 
Thank you, Drexel, for allowing me to share your home here on the blog. I really enjoyed spending the day with you! 

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