Monday, March 1

Arranging Wall Groupings

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Can I be honest? Even designers hate putting nails in freshly-painted walls! But a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do. And the end result is worth it. The photo below is taken from a grouping that I did for a client's home. We could have even had more clocks, but we decided it would be fun for them to add more timepieces as they discovered them (while traveling, etc.). To make these kinds of arrangements work, draw an imaginary line around the space you want to fill. It can be a circle or rectangle--or even a square. Keep the pieces within the imaginary parameter. Also, it helps to have a piece of furniture underneath to "anchor" the grouping. For more information,  please view the video clip from my "Good Things Utah Appearance" (below). It includes my favorite tip on how to make sure your pictures are level.

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