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Friday, April 19

Julia from Bles-id is My Guest

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It is such a pleasure to introduce you to one of my favorite blog friends - Julia from Bles-id. She is "all that & a bag of chips" & you are going to love her. Among her talents are some serious thrifting skills! I invited Jules to share some of her tips with us . . .

Ah, Thrifting.  I make no secret that I am in love.   Looking around my home, I’m amazed at the beautiful thrifted things that fill it.  I wear Banana Republic and Ann Taylor and pay next to nothing for them.  That makes me feel like one smart {and well dressed} cookie!  When Michelle asked me to share some thrifting tips on Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust I jumped up and down at the chance.  I adore her blog, and she is the sweetest and cutest thing in the world.  I hope I make her proud.  Without further ado; here is...

Who is thrifting?  
You may be surprised.  Thrifting is enjoying a moment in the sun.  Students, Hipsters, DIYers, people on fixed incomes… you will find all kinds of people at the thrift store; which is awesomesauce.  Don’t feel weird or uncomfortable… just jump on in... The thrifting water is fine! {Just to be clear, I in no way condone drinking thrifted water.  Unless you are very, very thirsty.}

Who should I bring?
I love my kids, but generally it’s a good idea to leave them home.  They get bored and start to whine and distract me.  So leave the kiddos, but bring your parents or grandparents!  Many stores give senior discounts.  Plus, it’s just nice to spend some time with your grandma.
I found these matching wastebasket and tissue holder from Horchow for $2.50 and $3.50.  They retailed for $275.00 and $175.00.  Checking labels is a good idea.

What should you wear?  
Something that won’t get in the way of trying on clothes.  I try to wear a long skirt and tank top.  Shirts and jackets can go right over the tank and I can try pants on under the skirt.  Most stores have a few dressing rooms, but I just take over a mirror for a few minutes and leave the dressing rooms to the other shoppers.  {Whatever you do, please try on the clothes!  Don’t end up at home with something that doesn’t fit. Remember, too... wash before you wear!}

What should you expect to find?
If you’ve never been to a thrift store you are in for a treat.  A bit of a musty smelling treat.  You will see a little bit of everything.  Name brand clothing.  A ton of housewares, bowling ball bags, puzzles, books, frames, prosthetic limbs… pretty much anything you can think of.

What should you bring?
You may need snacks and some water.  {See above regarding thrifted water.}  In addition, I always have a smart phone and cash.  I can Google brands I don’t recognize right there in the store.  That way I don't pass up on those $175.00 Italian booties.  (True Story)
On my phone I also have my Pinterest “I wear” board up and running so I can remember what I am looking for. 

I bring cash for a couple reasons.  Some stores don’t take credit, and cash will keep you from going over budget.  I usually budget $10-20 dollars per store.  If I go over that, it better be for a really good reason.  Please don’t buy something you don’t need just because it’s cheap.  (Unless you plan on reselling it on Etsy or Ebay.)

Where should you go?  
Everywhere.  Popular stores like Goodwill and Savers are, of course, wonderful.  But don’t forget the smaller charity stores.  My favorite place for clothes benefits a private school in our area. 
         Do a Google search for thrift stores in your town.  That’s how I stumbled on a wonderful place where I found these trunks!
The candles sticks, sign, trunks, desk and frame all were found thrifting!

When should you go thrifting?    
The simple answer is OFTEN.  This is my hobby, so I go at least once a week to my two favorite shops just to see what is new.  Ask when the sale dates are or if they put coupons in the paper.  Different stores will have different sale dates.  ASK when the best time to shop is… the volunteers will know!

When should you inspect your items?
Obviously you will look at what you are buying, but please inspect things fully while you are in the store.  And I mean top to bottom, inside and out.  Do the zippers work?  Are all the parts there?  Any chips, or stains?  Are you really in love with it?  Don’t bring home clutter or things that you won’t be able to repair. 
I am always on the lookout for white tableware.  
If it’s Pottery Barn?  Even better.

Why thrift?
With the inventory constantly changing, thrifting is always an adventure.  Even if you leave the store empty handed (and sometimes I do!), chances are you will see something that will make you giggle or at least spark a fond memory.  You will find AHHMAZING deals and have things to wear and display that are unique and have a story!
If you are looking to set up your own Ebay or Etsy store thrifting is a wonderful way to add vintage items for you to make a nice little profit on.

Here I am thrifted head to toe and loving it!
Let’s see… something that is fun, good for the planet and good for your pocketbook?  Sounds like a winning combination!
Most important?  Have fun.  It’s thrifting. Like life, it will totally be what YOU make it.  
XOXO Jules


  1. THANK YOU! I love seeing my face over here on F, T and PD! It was a long post, but I hope it inspires people to go out and try thrifting! Can't wait to hear about SNAP! xoxo jules

    1. Adorable Jules, I love seeing you here too. I know everyone will enjoy reading your great tips - especially if it will help us to dress as cute as you do! I'm working on a SNAP recap. It was awesome!

      Warmly, Michelle


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