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Wednesday, December 5

Christmas Tree Envy

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The adorable Jules left a sweet comment
on my last post that got me thinking:

"I've got serious tree envy. I just couldn't get my tree(s) to work with me this year. I don't think I fluffed them up enough. They look horrible... I'm just going to pretend that yours are in my living room. xoxo"

Thank you so much Jules AND I will be the first to admit
that I am seldom ever completely happy with my tree either!

I saw a beautiful tree yesterday with a 
Metallic Color Scheme that I thought turned out 
much better than mine . . . 

It had all these cool sticks & branches in it . . . 

{If you see me in your yard with a hacksaw, you'll know I'm trying to copy it!}

I'm also loving the tree my beautiful niece created . . .

She found an idea on Pinterest to make these 
Big, Pretty Bows from pipe cleaners & those 
large rolls of colored netting that are everywhere.
It's economical & as you can see - it makes for 
awesome eye candy!

Do you experience "Tree Envy"?


  1. I experience it every year. Then I spend hours fighting with the lights because we get a real tree. I get grumpy and then just want to be done ! I do love what your niece did.

    1. Hi Cute Carol, Thanks for cracking me up with your "grumpy" story. I kind of feel like we might as well all buy new Christmas lights every year. They should just be disposable!

      Warmly, Michelle

  2. I always have tree envy! My sister's tree is so big and wide and at my mum's tonight I realised mine really is small compared to theirs! But I tried hard this year to think about what I wanted and I am really happy with it. I love the sticks and branches you saw - maybe mine will look like that next year... :)

    1. Always great to hear from you, Jacqueline. Thanks for dropping by & using your adorable words like "mum". {British people rock!}

      Warmly, Michelle

  3. Oh my goodness! Christmas Tree Envy is taking over! I can only dream of trees like the metallic scheme one. {I have an idea; you get the hacksaw; I will watch for cars... then we will have plenty of sticks and branches to share!} And please tell your niece she did a wonderful job. That tree looks so full and festive! Next year my Christmas decor better watch out... 2013 will be the year of the Fabulous Tree!
    I just love being your bloggy friend. Merry Christmas! xoxo jules

    1. Me too! 2013! And thanks for the offer to watch for cars . . .

      Warmly, Michelle


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