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Thursday, May 24

TWO HOT TIPS Just for You!

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I have a couple of small creative projects in the works,
but I'm not ready to blog about them yet.

So . . . in the meantime, here are two hot tips
just for you!

Hot Tip #1 -
A lot of us have someone special graduating this year.
After I blogged about my ideas
reader "Claudia" told me about a great article with

Hot Tip #2 - 
Do you like free stuff? Me too!
If you have a blog where you write about creative projects,
you may want to consider entering the 
sponsored by the DIY Club.

I entered on a whim AND WON!

The most important things to keep in mind:
a - Enter a great project
b - Write a good tutorial 
c - Use one or more of the sponsor's  products 
for your project & include photos of the products in your tutorial.
{Check out their site to see the list of sponsors.}

When I won, it was like Christmas
with hundreds of dollars worth of prizes!
Every day, boxes of goodies arrived . . . .

My teenager {who loves receiving things in the mail}
was green with envy - exclaiming, 
"Wow Mom, how much stuff did you win anyway?".
I let him have my Gorilla Glue t-shirt to ease the pain. *Wink*

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