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Saturday, May 19

Graduation Gift Ideas

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Do you have a special someone who is
 graduating from high school or college this year?

Wondering about a gift?

It seems like money is always a big hit with young people!
{As Momma used to say, "It fits everyone".}

In case you missed them the first time,
 I thought I'd share some previous posts about 
fun ways to ways to give cash.

Click here to see 
how to make make a MONEY LEI . . .
Or click here to discover some other
ideas such as: an ATM machine, a ring
or a necktie . . .
And congratulations to your graduate!


  1. Such fun ideas! Puts a card to shame ...



  2. If you are looking for a unique Graduation Gift try This Houston based company founded by two "Mompretreneurs" feature gifts that are centered around Gratitude. It's a great way to help new graduates focus on the good in their life during this time of exciting transition. Grateful Chics have lots of inspirational gift items for him or her and even a NEW Graduation Gift pack set for only $18 each.


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