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Thursday, December 15

Tips to Make Your Gifts Look Fabulous & a Television Appearance

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Today I had a TV appearance on FRESH LIVING
about how to make your
gifts look fabulous.
Here I am with the darling Debbie Worthen at Channel 2 - she also does the weather!

Here are my tips for a
great-looking gift :
  • Pull your paper really tight & crease the corners. This is just one of those things that will make your gift look like it was professionally wrapped.  In the photo above, I am creasing the corners by running my fingers along the edges by pinching as I go.
  • Choose a simple color scheme & stick to it. I love the traditional red & green, but it's also fun to do something unexpected. White gift wrap looks sensational with a bright color of ribbon, for instance.
  • Think outside the box when choosing your gift wrap. It doesn't have to come from the Christmas section & have candy canes all over it. I often feel the plainer the better {solid colors for instance}. One of my favorite sections to find gift wrap is with the wedding supplies.
  • Try a different kind of bow. There's nothing wrong with this kind of bow . . .

        but, you can do better. Try using ribbon instead. 

    Start by cutting a generous piece {long enough to wrap around
    your gift 3 times}. Find the center point & put it in the front of
    the gift. 

   Take the ribbon around to the back & twist it. Then back around
   to the front & put the ends under the first piece.
  Then, just tie the ends like you tie a shoe. This is a great time
  to add an ornament or embellishment.

If you'd like to see the TV segment,
just click here & search 
"The Perfect Wrap Job".

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  1. Oh my goodness! How super exciting!!! How in the world did you get that opportunity!!?! So happy for you!!!

    Your Bloggy Friend, Aimee


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