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Wednesday, December 14

There's No People Like SNOW People!

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Lately, I've been collecting photos
of fun things to do with
snow & snowmen.
What is it about these little fellas
that always makes us smile?

Don't have real snow?
Well, there are ways to fake it.
How cute is this "snowman" in the tub?
Source: All Things Heart and Home
Or a snowman made of wreaths . . .
Sorry, I don't have the original source for this photo -
it's obviously from a magazine. Let me know if you have the info!
If you don't have any real snow 
to play with, 
this stuff is pretty fun . . .
you just add water to it &
it makes a similar substance.
It comes with a little shovel too.


  1. I love the one on the door..and the other ideas are so cute too..I just love snowmen! :D

  2. How fun! If we get snow this year, I am totally gonna make a Mail Box Snowman!!! Wonder if that legal? Awww....who cares?

  3. I love these! What fun ideas. It is looking like we are going to have a brown Christmas here in MN which is very unusual so we are going to have to get creative!


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