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Friday, October 21

What a Pain in the . . .

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Well friends, Hunny has given birth,
but I'm getting ahead of myself again . . . 

Remember that Couples Halloween Party
we were planning?
We had to postpone it 'til next year.
poor Hunny has spent all week trying to pass a 
{It's amazing how much trouble a little 6 mm rock can cause!}
He finally "delivered" today with a little 
help from a surgeon named 
{and I am not making this up}
"Peter Fisher".

We named the little fella "Rocky",
but we didn't even get to hold him as he was
immediately whisked away for testing.
{Having real babies is much better!}

But I digress . . .

There's still a little time to make a
 Stacked Pumpkin Topiary
& Erin from Home Savvy A to Z
can show you how . . . 
 BTW, what time is it?
Crafting time, of course, with the 
adorable Aleisha at Happy Endings
where you can learn how to jazz up your own
Custom Clock.
This week's 
winner was Nicole's 
Cupcakes for Dinner idea.
{Get ready for a surprise!}
And finally,
if you don't read my friend Kristie's blog
The Decorologist, you are really missing out!
She has so much brilliant content, like
"Knowing What to Change" in your home decor.
Click here to check it out.
Thanks so much to everyone who
joined the par-tay.
Please come back next Friday.

And if you were featured, feel free to 
take a button!

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  1. My husband thinks he passed a stone once, and honestly it seemed like he was dying. Poor men.

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my Cupcake! It thrills me to know that it gave someone a kick. :)
    Your button is on my sidebar. :)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Thank you for your kind words about my witch letters, sorry about your husband. I have been looking for this weeks linky but am not seeing it - LMK when it is posted THANKS :)

  4. Oh boy. We've experienced that type of birth at my house too. Ouch!

  5. Not fun... I feel for him. Both me and the hubby have had a "little rocky" of our own. Hugs to you both!

  6. Thank you for featuring my clock! What a happy surprise!


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