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Wednesday, October 19

Blogging 101 - How to Get Them to LINGER LONGER

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So, remember the 
How you could check in 
but you couldn't check out?

Well, I'm not saying your blog has to be like THAT,
but I do think it's great to
make your visitors want to 
relax & stay a while.

Well, for one thing - 
make your readers feel like royalty.
{My little granddaughter & her friend with their "chalk crowns"}

I always call the Honey I'm Home readers
my "Blog Friends" & I really mean it!
So, my first tip is -
Make sure your visitors know 
how much you appreciate them.

2nd - Use live links within your posts 
to other, related items 
your visitors might want to read.
For instance,
Click here to read another article I wrote
about blogging tips.
{To make a link "live": go to the page you want to link to, copy the URL, click on the "Link" icon, & paste the URL address in the "To what URL should this link go?" box. 
Then, type something like "Click here" in the "Text to Display" box.}

3rd - Call attention to your 
Some do this by making a tab for their
favorite posts at the top of their blog.
{You have to add a page to do this.}

Sometimes I have photos along my sidebar, 
which, when clicked, link to some special content.
{If you use "Blogger", you can do this by clicking "Design" in the top right-hand corner of your blog page. Then click
"Add a Gadget".  A gadget window will pop up. Click on 
"Picture". You can add the picture you want & the link. Then you can move it wherever you want on your sidebar & save the changes.}

4th Tip -
Try "Link Within".
This is a widget that shows related
stories under each of your posts.
In the photo below,
it's the 3 pictures under "You might also like". . .
When readers click on one of the photos, it takes them
directly to the related post.
{I get a lot of traffic this way.}

And finally -
Don't send them away!
Most every blog I read has "buttons" or links
to other blogs. That's great.
However, when you refer a reader to another blog,
when the visitor clicks on the button or link.
That way, you didn't loose your visitor.
She can now read both blogs!

{Whenever I post a link, I try it first. If the link closes my blog & goes to the new URL, I change it. TO DO THIS:
first, post your live link as usual. Then, go to the 
"EDIT HTML" tab, find the URL & add
"target=new" before the URL address.}

Hope these tips were helpful - 
I've only been blogging for about a year & a half,
so I'm still learning too!


  1. Thank you Michelle! You've opened my eyes, now I can can only figure out how the "target=new" works! :/

  2. That is a really sweet picture of Chanel. Please email it to me. Thanks.

  3. I wish I was better at doing what your trying to explain.It's either my age or just the way I'm wired,but I'll keep trying.I love it when computer literate bloggies try to help us old folks.Thank you so much :)

  4. Thanks for this info. I am still trying to figure this whole blogging thing out.

  5. Thank you for the info! :) Newest follower via GFC, hope you'll take the time to follow back. Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I tried the Target=new but it only brought me an error code. Can you give me an example? I want to make sure I am doing it right! Such a great idea.
    All of the tips are so helpful!

  7. Great ideas, Michelle! I need to implement #3 right away! BTW you totally cracked me up with your "Christmas dream" comment and everyone can use a smile now and then, so thanks sweetie! I was also thrilled to hear the T.A.C.O. sandwich was a hit at your house! Have a great weekend!

  8. Thanks for the suggestions! I added the Linked Within widget.

  9. Holy buckets, I love these tips! You made it so simple- I am usually shouting at my computer "Oh, magic knowledge box- WORK!" I am super excited about my new widget!
    Thank you!
    Your newest follower with a fancy new widget,
    Kerry at

  10. Hi, thanks for the tips. I have enjoyed visiting your blog.

  11. I have never been able to make the LinkWithin widget work on my blog--and I have NO idea why :(

    I like the idea of making sure I have links to new blogs open in a new window... great suggestions!

  12. I have one other suggestion for keeping visitors reading. Often I will have many (VERY many) links open in my browser, and once in a while one will open up that has a personal play list. I like to have my own playlist open in iTunes when I'm browsing, or maybe I'm browsing while my family watches a show together. It's really a huge pain to find which window that playlist is in so I can close it down. There are many great blogs that I just will not read because I'm forced to listen to music I don't want to hear while browsing. I do understand that you can pause the playlist, but if I have many links open, as often happens when I come across a good linky party, it's hard to find who it belongs to, and if you jump around their site it starts playing again.

  13. Thanks for the great ideas. I'm going to implement some of those right away.

  14. These are FABULOUS tips, Michelle! Thanks so much for sharing them at my Blog Tips & Resolutions party over at I Gotta Create! Your last tip is something I did not know how to do before and I can't wait to go fix my pages with that one. THANK YOU!!!!

  15. BTW... I also had trouble with the 'target = new' approach and ended up having to do this:
    at the end of the html line after the closing " quote marks and before the ending >, type this:

  16. Thanks so much for your tips. I just added Link Within and love it. Thanks again!

  17. Thank you for your tips. I just added the link within too!

  18. Tips for us newbies are very much appreciated! I've added the Link Within tool and it was EASY!


  19. Thanks for the tips I have signed up so I can keep up with your blogging tips!

  20. Thanks for the great tips! I just added the Link Within widget. :)

  21. Thanks for the last tip! I didn't know you could make the links open in another window!! I'll be doing this from now on!

    bee blessed

  22. Great tips!! Just recently had "figured out" the target = blank one.

  23. Thanks for the tips ! I am going to try the "link within" right now ! I'm a new follower. If you have time stop by my blog, I would love it !

  24. This picture of the little girls is super precious :) I love that idea- I know this is about blog tips I linked up on the linky party with "How To Stand Out In A Sea Of Self Promoters:

  25. I loved your last tip this was really helpful.

  26. Thanks for the great tips Michelle :) I'm a bit new to blogging so I'm still figuring my way around a lot of the technical stuff (like how to add pics to my sidebar! and make links open in a new window) so these were really helpful!!

  27. I like your last tip the most. Thanks for the tips. come and visit me sometime. I'm your newest follower.

  28. I am a brand new and confused "wanna be" blogger. Thanks for sharing this information with me and all the other "newbies" out there!


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