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Monday, October 10

I Had to Give it a Try

Pin It!
Have you seen it?
The darling picture on Pinterest
with the little girl
wearing a chalk crown?

I had to try to do it
with my sweet granddaughter . . .
It KINDA worked!
{The child looks great - the crown . . . OK, I guess.}


  1. Holy smokes, she looks a lot like her grandma!

  2. LOL well, it was fun too I bet and she does look very princess-like! ;D

  3. I had to try that too ... I love it. I did it on my little one's second birthday and put a "2" on the crown.

  4. She is very pretty, she does look like you! greetings!

  5. I've never seen that before. Cute, cute!!

  6. Adorable! And I still can't believe you have a grandbaby, you gorgeous lady!

  7. How cute...your granddaughter and the crown idea!


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