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Wednesday, October 12

Halloween Party Invites

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I've been trying to 
get up my courage to throw a
Halloween Costume Party
for years.

I am keeping it LOW STRESS!
I'm not going to loose my head. *Wink*
{. . . pacing around mumbling to myself, "I will not stress . . .}

The house is already *mostly* decorated,
so there's not that much to do to get ready.

But I really wanted some 
creative invitations.
I decided on a 
message-in-a-bottle type invite.

The bottles are from Zurchers Party Store.

For an "aged paper" look,
I spritzed some white cardstock with vanilla.
{It worked, & BONUS: the paper smells great too!}
Isn't the gate clip art cool?


  1. Years ago we were invited to a Halloween costume party as adults and it was SO FUN. Good for you to help make it happen for yourself and others this year. I'm looking forward to a report of all the spooky happenings.

  2. How fun! We've been doing a costume party every year for 7 years now! We love it! One year on the invitation, I sealed the enveloped with a big fancy wax seal.

  3. These are great, I love the vanilla idea too! Have fun ;D

  4. Sounds like it will be a great party! Love the invitation idea you came up with~ very cleverish!

  5. The Vanilla idea is clever!

    I love the invitations they turned out super nice.

    Have a magically spooky good time with the Party!


  6. Using the bottle is the cutest idea! I may steal that someday. I'm guessing your party will be a smashing success.

  7. Oh my goodness... vanilla invites... divine! I absolutely can't wait to see the photos from the party! Have a fabulous time... what are you going to dress up as???

  8. Hi, Michelle

    I love this idea. I will have to do this next time. Thank you for stopping by yesterday. Have a great weekend.


  9. Love the vanilla invites! Much better smell than the tea staining! Hope you have a wonderful party! {we're just having kids ones at our house!}
    Jenn :)


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