Thursday, October 27

Fabulous Friday Linky Party 12

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Hello Blog Friends
it's time for 
Fabulous Friday!
I'm excited to see what you've been doing,
so please join in on the linky party.
Please feel free to link something 
you've created or written
{but not stuff that's for sale}.

Make sure to link to the specific post
{rather than your generic blog address}.

I'll be picking & highlighting
a few of my favorites next Friday.

Please use the button below
OR a link back to Pixie Dust.


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. MICHELLE RESPONDS: Ah, I guess I have arrived. I finally got my first bizarre anonymous comment {deleted above because it was very mean spirited}. It was about how crummy American women are . . . likely to cheat in marriage, don't know how to cook, etc. Which I find comical since the comment was left on a blog with lots of post about cooking & authored by someone who has been married for 28 years.

    . . . But thanks for visiting anyway "John Rambo"!


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