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Wednesday, October 26

A Good Tomato Season & A Compost Box

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I planted a lot of tomatoes
this year! 
Where I live the growing season is pretty short, though.
We've already had snow &
the temps are really starting to dip at night.
 So Nellie & I recently picked every tomato.
{Which is pretty much her favorite thing to do!}
They taste much better vine ripened,
but the frost will soon kill them.

We store the green ones like this . . .
If you pack them with tissue paper
in between each layer,
then store them in a cool part of the house,
they will ripen on their own.
{Oddly enough, they don't have to be in the sun.}

They taste as good as the store-bought kind.

One way I lengthen the growing season is
by using a WALL 'O WATER when I plant in the Spring.
This is a plastic thingy that you put around your plants. 
It has little pockets that are filled with water
which act as insulation against cold weather. 
I've used them for years.
Click here to check it out.

And by the way,
here's the compost box Hunny built
with pallets rescued from the curb.

Cost: FREE!

Now that the tomatoes plants are finished producing, 
I'll pull them up & compost them.
 All the raw, organic kitchen & yard waste goes in the left side
{the fence is to keep my dog, Sam, out}
& then when it decomposes, 
it will be transferred to the right side.

This is our first time trying it.
Our goals: to get some great soil &
be kinder to the planet in the process.

We'll keep you posted.


  1. Looks like you and CHANEL had fun gardening.

  2. How sweet that she likes to help her mom. Way to go with the tomatoes, store bought has no taste compared with garden ones. :D

  3. Oops! I commented on the wrong post~ It will make much more sense here...
    My dad grows the BEST tomatoes. We've enjoyed lost of them this Fall. :)

  4. MICHELLE RESPONDS - Thank you, Julie, for the generous compliment! The little girl in the photo is actually my adorable granddaughter. She loves to be in the garden.


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