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Monday, August 8

Lucky . . . No - More Like Blessed

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I'm on vacation! Yipee!
This is a post I wrote recently . . .

When I started my blog, I
 fretted for at least a month
about what to call it.

One of the names I loved was
"Lucky Girl".
{But one of my young friends assured
me that the phrase had an *ahem* connotation
that didn't reflect my meaning.}

The reason I loved it though,
is because I do feel like a lucky girl
with a really good {NOT perfect} life.

More than lucky . . . blessed!

Here's a perfect example.
See this garbage container?

It is almost full of {HEAVY} river rock
& it recently
fell on my legs & feet -
trapping me.
{Don't ask! Just know that sometimes
I forget I'm getting older & I attempt stupid stuff!}

I was alone, afraid, & in lots of pain from the weight.
I struggled, but COULD NOT get myself free.
I screamed & screamed for help.
No one heard me.

Well, I shouldn't say "no one",
because when I prayed for help,
"SOMEONE" did hear me.

I was blessed with the strength to
lift the weight enough to wiggle out.
{Please note my shoe still underneath
in the photo below.}
P.S. - When Hunny & I went out later
to pick up the garbage can, even the two
of us together couldn't lift it!

I'll spare you any photos of my
bruised & scratched-up legs,
but nothing is broken & there's no
permanent damage.
I feel so lucky blessed.
It could have turned into something
REALLY awful.

I'm so grateful that I'm never truly alone.


  1. Oh my, you are blessed! Thanks for the reminder that we are never alone.

  2. Thanks for reminding us all. Glad that nothing is broken.

  3. Lucky is a buzz word at our house too. What a miracle story...worthy of passing on. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Oh my goodness. I can only imagine how heavy that bin is. I'm so glad that you are okay...and blessed.

  5. what a great story! i actually have an inspiration board in my office - i put it together when i first started my blog 2 years ago. in the dead center of it, i have a crazy photo of myself at age 6, dressed up like my idea of a super hero, with the words "LUCKY GIRL" i cut out of a magazine pinned at the top.


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