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Wednesday, August 10

Oh Pinterest . . . You Crack Me Up!

Pin It!
Like many of you out there
I have an 
for Pinterest.

Lately, I've been finding some really
hilarious stuff & I wanted to share
some with you in case you didn't catch it.

For instance,
have you ever considered dressing your dog as a 
Chia pet for Halloween?

Or how about some crochet shorts for your man?
'Nuff said.

This is going to be my new catchphrase:


If you're a Will Ferrell fan,
you can appreciate this . . . 


This would be a fun joke to play on
someone when they are asleep . . .

And can I just say that I AM "Team Edward" . . . 
{because for one thing, I wouldn't want to live in that
 little house with Jacob's dad!}
but this really cracked me up:

Do you Pinterest?


  1. so funny! I've signed up but I never checked it out b/c I know it will be addicting.

  2. I love my Pinterest and there are so many funny things out there that make me laugh out loud. I love the Will Ferrell picture, just looking at him always makes me laugh. :)

  3. Lolololol!! A CHIA PET COSTUME!! Knit shorts! These are hilarious! Thanks for sharing Michelle, I needed a good laugh :-)

  4. I have a great "fondness" for Pinterst too. I love how it can inspire you and crack you up (usually within the span of 10 minutes). I even have a board just for things that make me smile or laugh...good for a rainy day in my opinion! LOL I am definatly gonna add a few of the ones you posted here. So funny! Thanks for sharing your Pinterest funny finds.

  5. I laughed so hard I cried, love the
    CDO comment! Thanks, you made my day:)
    ps-our birthday tea party is this weekend...thanks for the ideas!

  6. I'm still laughing - I cannot believe that someone crocheted their man a pair of shorts and that he actually put them on. Pinterest is such fun and just a little bit addictive - just a little!

  7. The chia pet dog made me lol! I am beyond obsessed with pinterest! love it :)


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