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Tuesday, April 5

Quotation of the Month

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I'm inspired by uplifting things people
have said, aren't you?

I love having a "Quotation of the Month"
on my sidebar to inspire myself and 
hopefully others too.

(By the way, I learned that  "quote" is a verb--
never a noun--so that's why it's not "Quote of the Month")

This month's quotation:

"To know even one life has breathed easier 
because you have lived. This is to have succeeded."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

My beautiful niece & her baby. Photo by Studio Tran.


  1. Wow these are thoughtful quotes! It is so true, breathe

  2. I am a BIG believe in inspirational quotes. They are SO important and act as helpful, loving reminders :)

  3. I LOVE quotes!!! This quote is so inspiring and true. I believe we are here on earth to help each other!! :)

  4. Very nice quote. I guess we need to remember our lives may not affect MANY, but if we help is success (as your quote said)
    Good to have something to think about . When my kids were teenagers, we'd put up a new quote on the fridge every week.

    I just want to smoother my face in the newborns neck and smell the wonderful "newness" of him.

  5. Aww, your picture is SO beautiful, and it's making me want a baby of my own! :o) I just happened upon your blog and love your "pixie dust" title, it is so true. ;)

    I really love this quote as well; I am a nanny and often try to think this way, especially since I know that I can make or break the day for the little ones I influence. Congrats on your new nephew(?)! :)


    ~Just a Girl

  6. What a beautiful mother and baby! I like your "quotation" and find it funny that you just said quote is a verb and quotation is a noun and 5 out of 6 ladies called it a "quote" not a "quotation". Sometimes old English habits are hard to break.


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