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Sunday, April 3

My Weekend

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(My Granddaughter, Nellie, (right) & her friend, Aryanna)

I had a sweet weekend with . . . 

dressing up,
"tea" parties,
chocolate chip cookies, 
reading kid's books,
(play) spa treatments,
sleep deprivation,
& lots of hugs.

(Nellie hates having her picture taken, so she likes to make funny faces--
she said, "That's enough pictures, Grammy!")
I'm tired, but it sure was fun! 
Lucky me.  


  1. Grandchildren are the greatest! I have 10 terrific ones. They are growing up so fast. Enjoy the play time with them:)

  2. You're grandaughter is SO CUTE! It sounds like you had some very good times together and I love the dress up costumes!

  3. You sound like one fun and fabulous grandmother. Some day I hope that is me. :)


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