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Saturday, January 1


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Happy New Year!
We celebrated the first day
of 2011 with a day
of snow fun.

My little "snow angel" - Nellie
This is what it's been doing
in my neighborhood lately . . . 

(My back yard earlier this week)
Which made for some great
New Year's Day 
snow activities like sledding . . .

(By the way, isn't Hubby's hat hilarious? He bought it as a gift for
me, but I look hideous in it. Today he asked, "Are your using this hat?"
"Oh, it's OK, you can borrow it", I responded.  
Lots of sledders enjoying the park
We also enjoyed making a
snowman . . . 

And a Snow Angel
made snow angels . . .

Even Sam joined in the fun . . .
In my next post, I'll talk
about more fun ideas of things
to do with SNOW!


  1. She is so cute!!! Seriously I love all the pics!!

    love your guts

  2. Wow such wonderful photos! She is sooo cute

  3. What fun! all of those pictures are cute Michelle! We don't get snow here in Hemet, CA. I've gone snowboarding on some Mountains nearby...snow once a year is good enough for me! lol!

  4. Looks like FUN! (As long as it was followed with something warm and cozy.) :)


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