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Sunday, January 2

Snow Fun 2

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Don't you agree . . . 
there's no people like 

-Photo by Frankie Frankeny-

If you read my last post,
you know we've been having
lots of fun in the snow.

Snowmen aren't just for 
Christmas you know -
this is one fun activity that 
 can continue throughout 
the winter.

-Photos by Frankie Frankeny-

For creative inspiration,
I just love a book called
by Peter Cole, Frankie Frankey, & Leslie Jonath

-Photo by Frankie Frankeny-
The authors suggest using unconventional
materials to make awesome
creations in the snow.
(I just love the snow porcupine above!)

-Photo by Frankie Frankeny-
Remember, if your snow is dry (like ours)
and hard to work with, you can 
spritz with water to make it stick

-Photo by Frankie Frankeny-
For tall creations, they recommend 
using wooden stakes or dowels 
through the center
for support. 
You can also use a plastic pail 
or garbage can inside your 
work of art & build snow around it.
I've tried this & it works.
 Please email me photos of your 
snow fun - I'd love to feature you!


  1. Can't wait to show my daughters these inspiring photos for snowplay. How creative! Happy New Year to you, Michelle!

  2. It would be amazing to put together amazing snowmen.......of all kinds.
    snow creatures , animals

    your post below was darling....what a cute little girl

  3. The snow people are beautiful, creative!

  4. These are hilarious! Thanks for stopping by my blog, and it made my day to hear you were using my bathroom as inspiration for a client.


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