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Monday, November 22

A Warm Autumn Gathering

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I know -  I promised 
Thanksgiving table decor
but this weekend, we had a nice gathering
with food, family & friends.

And I wanted to share a bit
about it with you.

(Our friends, The Bishops - aren't they an adorable family?)

Remember when I talked about
Well, Erin came through for me again
when I was looking for something
delicious & easy
to serve for our get-together.

These "pulled-pork" sandwiches 
were a huge hit!

 To make them:
Use Costco's Kirkland Pork Sirloin Tip Roasts.
(They come 4 in a package.)
Three roasts fit in each of my large crock pots.
Fill each crock pot half-way with water.
Cook on low for 7 hours.
Drain crock pot & shred pork
(keep it chunky--don't shred too thin or it will get mushy!) 
And now for the difficult 
barbecue sauce:
Please have a pencil ready for these
detailed instructions . . . 
Dump in 2 bottles of Bulls-eye  Original Barbecue Sauce.
Carefully fold the sauce into the meat &
cook another hour. 

I just put a crock pot on the buffet table
& kept it on warm, so each sandwich was
served fresh.

(These guys didn't stray far from the buffet table!)

I also loved these Wal-Mart paper plates
and napkins. They were only $2 a package!

-My beautiful Sis (on the right & below - helping Avery put her apron on)-

We also served Cowboy Cavier
& our favorite Party Slush

-Sis helping little Avery put on her apron so she could "cook"
in our play kitchen-

 -Cowboy Caviar dip - great with Fritos!-

Hubby is never sexier than when he's helping
in the kitchen! Here he's making the
party slush . . .  

My dear friend, Jana, brought
these beautiful sugar cookies . . .

They tasted just as good as they look too.
Thanks Jan!



  1. Yummy. yummy, and super yummy.

    I am going to be making your pumpkin cake you posted a while ago for thanksgiving.

  2. Thank you for the receipe, my mouth is watering! Mimi x

  3. Your parties look great... I want to come!


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