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Friday, November 19

Making Your Own Napkins

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Has this ever happened to you?
You have a vision of the colors you
want to use in your tablescape, but you
can't find the right linens?

OR purchasing enough linens to
set your table is too expensive?

It happens to me all the time!

That's why I make my own
table linens & so can you!

These are the napkins I made
last year . . .

This year I wanted to use
a less traditional color scheme.

I use an (approximately) 
21" square of fabric for each napkin.
(This fabric is from JoAnn's Fabric store.)

I don't use any pins, but I do
press my seams before sewing them.

Start by cutting a little triangle off
each corner of your square.
Then fold that edge over & 
press into place. 
Repeat on the other three corners.

 Next, fold the 4 long sides down about
the same amount & press into place.
Fold each side one more time
to hide the raw fabric edge.
Now your corners will have
a nice mitered closure.
 Hopefully, the edges will meet
just right like this corner on
my napkin.

BUT if it doesn't meet exactly
each time, don't worry! 
Just overlap one side over the other & sew it.
It will still look nice & professional.

Sew along each side & your project is complete!
I also made two table runners
to go with my new napkins.
The instructions are the same -
Just make your runner whatever size you want it to be.

I'm working on my 
Thanksgiving table, so I'll 
show you the rest in
my next post. 

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  1. Great idea! Thanks for the tutorial and linking up with us!


  2. Thanks for the tut!! I am new to sewing and can use all the tutorials I can get!!

  3. Fun to find your blog. I have been looking for exactly the right cloth napkins, but just can't find what I want. What a great idea to just make them. Ha! Clever. Thanks so much. (And, thanks for stopping by my blog too.)

  4. Sewing always gives you so many more options - right? Looks lovely.

  5. Love the sewing "cheats". That's just my speed.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I LOVE the fabric you used- I adore damask. Your napkins and table runner look GORGEOUS!!

  7. Hey there!
    Love the fabric you used!!! Super cute!
    Can't wait to try these.

  8. Thank you for sharing with us! Love the fabric! Mimi xx

  9. Thanks for this tutorial! I followed it today to finish the corners of curtain panels instead of napkins and it was so helpful!


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