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Sunday, October 10

Only 21 Days 'Til Halloween - Adding to My Entryway Vignette

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Halloween is coming up fast!
But there was still time to add
a few new elements to my 
Entryway Halloween Vignette . . .

Click here for my original post
about these decorations.
To add to my creepy apothecary vignette,
I found this "Happy Halloween" vinyl sign on sale at Shopko. 
I adhered it right on my mirror & it easily comes off.

(In fact, it took me a few tries of re-applying it to get it straight.)

I also found this little owl at a store called Tai Pan Trading.
I put him, along with an abandoned nest from the yard,
in this "cage" from Southern Living. 

My son's response, 
"Why do we have little animals all over our house now Mom?". 
Some people just have no artistic vision. Hmh.

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  1. Hi, Michelle! Thanks for coming over and commenting on my post about my crazy insane Mondays! :)

    I love your Halloween vignette. I used to think that Halloween was just for orange and black, pumpkins and cheap looking skeletons... but I am loving the "apothecary" inspired looks I see. I think I may try that out next year!

  2. I love everything!The vinyl sign and the little owl are just awesome.

  3. Your halloween decorations are lovely. I have such a little house that there is "little" room to decorate. I used to have a bigger house before moving here to the country....I do miss the space for decorating.

  4. Hi Michelle! I just love this vignette! I am all for the slightly spooky without going way over the top scary! With little ones in the house we tend to keep things pretty tame around here! :-)

  5. I LOVE those rosette balls! I NEED to make those!!

    - Michelle @ Bunch of Craft

  6. I'm a little late to the game...wishing I had found your blog before I did my posting about Halloween decor! If you don't mind, I'm going to feature your Fall/Halloween mantle in an upcoming post. Happy to meetcha!!


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