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Wednesday, September 15

Real People & Their Homes - Karen's Beautiful Mix of Old & New

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It's time for another REAL home tour!
(Click here to see the last tour of Debi's colorful home)

I never liked antiques much
Until I met my dear friend, Karen.

In her beautiful, newer home
she decorates liberally 
with her collection of antique treasures -
successfully mixing them with all the
comforts of a modern home.

As I show pictures of Karen's abode, 
I'm interspersing some questions I asked her . . . 

(Please note the scale the geraniums are resting on--we'll talk more about scales later)

Question: Antiques always seemed kinda creepy & musty-smelling to me. At your house they're not! How do you do it? 
Karen: First of all, I don't buy the stinky stuff! I avoid upholstered pieces--they seem to hold odor the worst. Most of my upholstered furniture are family pieces and are very clean. I love trunks, but they can be tricky too. I clean everything thoroughly with Murphy's Oil Soap & I use lots of Febreze!

This organizer is in Karen's home office
Which brings me to my next question . . . Some people would be afraid to have this many collections in their homes--just because of the time it takes to dust! How to you keep it so clean?

Karen: Two words - Swiffer Dusters! Ha ha! Actually, I don't think people look THAT closely. Some of my antiques are from loved ones who have passed away, so since cleaning & handling them is a reminder of my mother-in-law, for instance, it is less of a drudgery. Every Monday is cleaning day & my (retired) husband helps a lot!


What's the one store where you could spend hours browsing?

Karen: Any antique store or estate sale! One estate sale was particularly great because when we walked in they handed us a paper grocery bag and said, "Put anything you want in here--$2 a bag!".

Where do you turn for inspiration when you're in a creative funk?

Karen: I love catalogs - like Pottery Barn & magazines like Better Homes & Gardens.

What projects are you most proud of and why? 

Karen: I love my front porch area & my master bathroom. My master bath turned out just the way I had envisioned it & I smile when I walk into it.

 This beautiful armoire is in Karen's master bath

How would you define your decorating style?

Karen: I like lots of stuff. An empty wall or corner drives me crazy! If I see something I love, I buy it & then come home & wander around until I find a place for it.

How did you learn so much about antiques?

Karen: Mostly by talking to people who love antiques.

 What's the theme song of your life?

Karen: I would have to say, "Through the Years" by Kenny Rogers.

 Karen has a wonderful display of old washboards in her laundry room

What's your favorite collection?

Karen: I love pieces with lots of little drawers. AND I really enjoy collecting scales. (She has about a dozen--some are pictured here).

Karen has made a beautiful home for her family,
but I'm even more proud of her 
for the following accomplishments:

5 Beautiful Daughters
13 Darling Grandchildren
36 Years of Marriage
As you can see, having Karen for a friend is priceless!

Warmly, Michelle


  1. That was so nice to step inside Karen's home. You can tell she is a fabulous person, with a talent for decorating! Thank you so much! Jules from bles-id.blogspot

  2. Wow I loved all her was boards. Some pretty cute stuff!


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