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Sunday, September 19

"Sew Inspired" Again! Restyling a Thrift Store Dress

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Recently, I restyled a thrift store dress . . .
I had so much fun that I
wanted to do it again!

Which brings me to 

When I visited heaven Antro
last week,
I wanted half the clothes in there!

Especially this one . . .
"Dried Leaves Dress" $158 at Antropologie
Later, while shopping at the thrift store,
(a store more within my budget!)
I came across this dress . . .

It has a similar gray wool look.
I decided to make some of the 
felted wool leaves
to style this dress like the
Anthro inspiration dress.

 I made a template from card stock
& played with the shape of the leaf
until I liked it. Then, I just moved
the leaf around to make 3 petals.

I used this soft, thick felt 
for the cream leaves . . . 

Each flower has 3 layers -
one cream felt
& two felted wool
(a slightly lighter color of gray than the dress).
The felted wool is an old sweater that I 
washed in the washing machine.
I also sewed a seam down the middle of
each leaf on the cream felt for visual interest.

So, I really like the way it turned out . . . 
what do you think??

Here's the Antro dress ($158)

Here's the thrift store dress ($6)

By the way, we couldn't resist copying the newspaper on the wall. HA!


Warmly, Michelle


  1. That dress is almost as gorgeous as you are! Love it!

  2. Thanks for visiting bles-id, I think you will like the bhg website! Lots of fun projects and makeovers! Jules

  3. Very cute! Excellent job!
    You should come link this up at Making It With Allie!

  4. very cute. you have definitely inspired me. I used to have a fabulous thrift store when I lived in Canada, but I have recently moved to the states and have had no luck yet finding a great thrift shop close by.. I feel like I am missing out.

  5. That is adorable! I love that store too, but have NOT bought any clothes sigh... But I did just buy a few dresses from the Thrift Store an I want to "adjust" them to make them new to me. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I LOVE this dress! Thrifted makeovers are my favorites. So I shared this post in a "favorites" post today! :]

  7. What a simple addition for a wonderful dress facelift! Love it.

    Stopping by from T&J Weekend Wrap Up. Have a wonderful weekend!

    just Lu

  8. Beautiful job on your dress, Michelle! It looks great on you!


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