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Thursday, April 1

Brooke Walker - I Want Your Job!! Ha ha!

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I got to be on Studio 5 today & I had so much fun as usual. I wish Darin would have let me take a picture of him with one of my sweater flowers in his hair! That was awesome. Brooke, you always make me feel comfortable when I'm there--thank you for being so fun & friendly. You do a great job & when you get tired of it I'm ready to step in and co-host the show. What can I say, I'm a giver. He he. When watching the footage, notice the surprised look on my face when the teleprompter says "Faith, Dust & a Little Fairy" (no fairies in the title of my blog, just "Pixie Dust"). Why does my face have to give away every emotion I feel?!? I'm glad my expressions also show how much I enjoyed my appearance. THANKS STUDIO 5! And have fun making sweater flowers everyone.

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