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Saturday, March 20

Book Club Fun With Studio 5 Ideas & D.I. Finds

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This month it was my turn to host book club. 
It's always a good idea to find a "jumping off point" 
for decorating inspiration 
& mine was this wreath made from book pages. 
It was demonstrated by Kristine Mckay 
on the Studio 5 TV show. 
{Click here for the link on how to make it.}

After making the wreath, it was fun to continue the theme.
I wrapped each club member's book with book pages & black ribbon.
They looked classy & elegant.

Shelley Smith showed how to make 
"crepe paper balls" also on Studio 5. 
I decided it would be perfect to try them 
with book pages to match my decorations.

 Special thanks to my friend, Sue, for helping by
burning her fingers making rosettes with me. 
The book text detail looks nice in real life 
(or click on the photo to see it better--just ignore the glue on the black rosettes . . . WHERE DID THAT COME FROM! Ha ha). 

I thought this project turned out great. 
It was really fun, although it does take 
an eternity a while to make a ball. 
The black candlesticks made nice "pedestals" for the balls 
& were $1.50 D.I. (thrift store) finds! Yippee!

Another irresistible thrift store treasure -
these darling glass party plates w/matching cups. 
They were a big hit & a bit of nostalgia since everyone remembered their mothers having them once upon a time. 
Some even said that entire Relief Society (church auxiliary) congregations owned sets of them 
in days gone by for special occasions.

We read a southern book, so I couldn't resist making these yummy "Pecan Tassies"--which are like tiny little pecan pies. Mmm.

Ah, book club . . .
good books, good food, & most of all--good friends. 
It doesn't get any better than that!


  1. WOW!!! I LOVE how that turned out!!!
    I'm totally impressed and hadn't thought about doing the roses with book pages!
    It looks AWESOME!
    Thanks for emailing to let me know, so I could check this out!
    Thanks so much!
    Shelley Smith

  2. What was your Southern book? I'm from the South, so I'm curious... Plus, after ordering some of those party cups from Ebay I walked into DI and they were 50 CENTS!!! And the plates I saw were 75, I think!!!

  3. Thanks for asking about our book club book. It was "The Help"--a very good read with a surprising amount of . . . ahem . . . language in it and an "interesting" scene in the middle. I can't recommend it for a church book club, but I really enjoyed it!

  4. I find those glass party trays at garage sales all the time!

  5. How do you make the flowers for the flower ball? I tried looking it online, but maybe I'm using the wrong wording. I wanted to make some for my halloween decorations. thanks for any help/tips in advance


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