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Monday, March 8

Making Sweater Flowers

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Have you noticed the great new trend of wearing hand made accessories? I learned to make these from a book called "Fabricate" by Susan Wasinger. They are fun, soft, & colorful addition to any outfit--but they really look good on outerwear. First, look for some sweaters that you can recycle. Wash & dry them so they are slightly felted. (Hint: a little wool content is good, but not 100%. Also, don't use anything with a weave that is too loose). Cut into strips of varying widths. The widest strips I use are 3 inches & the thinnest are about 3/4 inch.Using a serger or a zig zag stitch, sew along one edge of the strips. Stretch the fabric as you go so it makes a scalloped edge.

Using a running stitch, gather the fabric & pull tightly into a circle. Then whip stitch the raw edges where the circle meets. Leave the hole in the center.

Layer 2 or 3 different sizes (& colors if you'd like) of fabric to create a flower. Then use a skinny strip of sweater fabric to tie a knot for the center. Put the loose edges through the holes of the flower--leaving the knot on top. Tack the loose edges down on the underside. I also run a few stitches up through the flower to hold everything in place properly.On the underside, I put a round piece of felt & stitch it into place (to give it a neater look). Then stitch a pin onto the top of the circle. (The pins can be purchased at the craft store).


  1. This is a great tutorial, Michelle! :) I like that you put that they shouldn't be 100% wool.


  2. I like that you put instructions for your own products on your blog (and even gave instructions on TV!) So 21st century open-source :)


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