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Thursday, March 4

Let Them Sleep On It

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When my son went far away for two years on a mission for our church, I wanted some of our advice to go with him. I saw a pillowcase similar to this in a store & I decided to make my own so that it would be more personal. I filled it with the things I wanted him to remember (in permanent marker). My friend embroidered his name on the edge. This would be a great gift for a college student leaving home as well. Just remember to put some cardboard in between the layers of the pillowcase so the paint or marker doesn't seep through to the other side.

Some advice we included:
  • Remember, the harder you work on your mission, the prettier your wife will be
  • Take pictures of ordinary things on your mission
  • Do all you can, then leave the rest in God's hands
  • When you meet someone, immediately make a memory association with their name
  • Be especially nice to the mission president the week before transfers
  • Check your pockets before washing your clothes
  • Leave a little early for appointments whenever possible
  • If you want to win someone over, be nice to their child
  • Under promise & over deliver
  • Remember, we are praying for you every day!
UPDATE - When our son returned, he still had his pillowcase. Despite many washings, the advice was still there. I'll always treasure this sweet reminder of his mission.

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