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Saturday, November 3

Neutral Fall Decor

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If you've known me for a while, you already know that I love to use non-traditional color schemes - especially for holidays. Some years we use orange, rust & yellow for our fall decor. But every other year or so I like to use one of my favorite colors - white. {Click the blue bar below for more!}

I used a combination of real & faux pumpkins in our decorations as usual. This centerpiece sits on my kitchen island & it's a fun change from a cornucopia. A wooden serving tray is the base. When creating an arrangement like this,, it's best to put the largest pumpkins on the tray first. One of the blue pumpkins is raised up on a candle holder to show it off better. Small pumpkins are placed next, followed by the greenery to fill in the empty spots. 
Here's my favorite dough bowl again. It works for every occasion!
Same greenery, faux pumpkins & pine cones from the church yard.
More of the same on the mantle since it is all one connected great room. 
I saw this sweet saying somewhere on a sign & fell in love with it. I almost bought the sign, then realized that I could just write it on something I already have. 
We are looking forward to hosting Thanksgiving with our extended family with year!

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