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Sunday, June 10

"Local Yocal" - Reid Ranch

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Ah, I live in a pretty great state. And once in a while I share some little stay-cation or local treasure. Today I'd like to tell you about Reid Ranch. Honey & I went there with a group & had a great time! It isn't luxury - more like "glamping". We did have a room in a lodge with a full bathroom, but this is a place built for housing lots of people for a small cost. With a vibe that feels just like "The Parent Trap"! And there is so much to do! {Click the blue bar below to see the rest of this post.}

We took advantage of the horseback riding & mountain biking.
As well as canoeing at the pond & swimming in the pool.
And when I say "glamping" I guess I'm referring to the fact that the staff BUILDS YOUR CAMPFIRES FOR YOU! I'm talkin' ginormous fires. S'mores anyone?!
Another bonus - all your food is prepared for you & you eat in the little cafeteria. 
There are two lodges & lots of tent pads. We were lucky enough to stay in one of the lodges. It had a great commons area where we could play games with our group.
One of the things that made it even more fun was the staff of young people working at the ranch. The customer service was exceptional. When I complimented one of the managers she said they just try to treat everyone the way they would want to be treated. 
These were the cowboys who helped us on our horse ride. They really knew about horses & kept us safe. These guys stay on site in the barn! Here's their living room {complete with a dirt floor.}

And they sleep in the loft. I think it's safe to say they abide by the motto they see on the way up to their sleeping quarters.
It was so nice to get out of the city & pretend to be a cowgirl in the wild west for a while. The scenery was beautiful & the temperatures were much, much cooler. {Note to self: don't pack your white pants next time!}

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