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Sunday, June 4

Spring Decor at Wheadon House

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Wow, I've been busy - how about you? Before summer officially hits, I thought I'd show you my spring decor in the entry way. (I'll be changing it soon to make way for something new - maybe 4th of July!) Click the blue bar below for more . . .

White has been one of my favorite colors for as long as I can remember. And it looks so fresh & pretty when paired with green.
I can't believe how much fun I've had with this chalkboard! I bought it on a whim to decorate for a church activity, but it just keeps giving & giving. And as far as I'm concerned there's only ONE good chalkboard marker (and I've tried many). You can find it here.
My friend Karen taught me to decorate with cloches. She puts all kinds of pretty things under them.  I like this little nest displayed above. 
Don't forget to use botanicals when decorating. Even if they aren't real (most of mine aren't). These are all mixed & matched, but I think it works together.


  1. Love your chalkboard and the wreath! :)

    1. Thanks so much Stacey for stopping by & for taking the time to leave your sweet comment!

      Warmly, Michelle


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