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Saturday, January 28

Styling Bookshelves II

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I've written about styling bookcases before. One project {click here} was in a contemporary style home. This home has a more traditional/transitional vibe. My clients have many, many collectible figurines & keepsakes. When I arrived they had put all their Hummels & Lladros on their counter top. My job was to sort through & display some of their treasures - styling them in a pleasing way.

It has more impact in real life, but these three plants (below) form a slightly lopsided triange. This is a great trick to use in accessorizing.

And I always like to leave some blank (or negative) spaces to give the eye a break.

This client has such lovely books. I usually try to group them according to size & style. 
Hopefully these tips will help you with your next accessorizing project.

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