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Wednesday, January 18

Graduation Invitation Ideas & Etiquette

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Hi Friends, This is a sponsored post. By publishing these types of articles on occasion, I am able to support my blog & bring you more great Honey I'm Home content. Thank you for Basic Invite for being a sponsor & for offering my readers 15% off everything on your site! {Use code 15FF51 at Basic Invite - even for other types of invitations & pretty papers}
Invitation Etiquette With Basic Invite

2017, a new year! Which means new firsts, new lasts, and new milestones.

Take the class of 2017 for example… you’ll have your kindergarten grads, your high school grads, and your college grads. So, when the snow melts and it’s finally spring you might be hosting a party or attending a ceremony. This means good food and good friends, but in order to bring it all together you’ll need a few vital pieces of stationery.

So, I've partnered with Basic Invite, an innovative stationery design company, who is going to share with us everything we need to know about invitation etiquette - graduation style.

There are 3 simple steps: the announcement, the invitation, and the thank you.

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This is the easy part. A photo of the lovely grad, their name, and their graduation year is all you need!

If you want to add an extra special touch you can always include an inspirational quote, the grad’s school initials, or where they may be attending college. You can never go wrong with something simple and personal.
Wording, clarity, and timeframe are the keys to graduation invitations.

Who, what, where, when, why. The five W’s - a tale as old as time. Make sure it’s clear who the event is for, what/why the event is happening, where it’s taking place, and what time.

Make sure to send your invitations out about 1-2 months prior to the graduation. It’s inevitable that other graduation ceremonies or parties will be going on in the spring and summer months and since that’s also wedding season you will want to be sure you give your guests enough time to check their schedules, plan, and rsvp if needed.

The fun thing about graduation ceremonies and parties is all of the people coming and going and the milestone that it represents. So, just enjoy your time spent with family and friends. Eat too much, laugh too much, and enjoy the chapter.
Graduation Thank You Cards
Make sure to have your thank you cards ordered and in your hands pre-party or ceremony, so that you can get them out right away! A rule of thumb for thank you card etiquette is to always get them in the mail within 2 weeks of the event.

Have a designated family member or friend head the gift giving and guest count. Have someone take note of who came, who brought what and be around after the fact for any gift opening. Note the name, what the gift is, and have your list of addresses handy from when you sent the announcements so that everything is right there. Organization is KEY to not procrastinating the thank you notes.

And of course, it should always be the grads duty to physically sit down and write out the thank you notes (unless of course this is a kindergarten grad.. then maybe let mom and dad handle that part).

Basic Invite is a one-stop shop for all your stationery needs. If graduation isn’t in your future, but a wedding or a baby is - they have something for you! Go check them out and customize your own invites today! They also have affordable printable recipe cards, baked goods tags, gift tags and so much more for all your party planning needs.

Use code 15FF51 for 15% off everything at Basic Invite site wide!

PS - If you're looking for a great home-made gift for the grad in your life, check out this Honey I'm Home post: How to Make a Money Lei 

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