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Thursday, January 12

Christmas to Winter DecorSwitcheroo

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I've often said I'm a "one-trick-pony" & this post demonstrates it perfectly. Since Christmas is over & I didn't really want to put Valentine's day decor up in the entry way, I opted for a little winter refresh. (Click the blue bar below for more . . . )

As you can see in the photo below, the Pottery Barn (Marlowe) pitcher with the fir branch botanicals was used in this year's Christmas decor. So were the birch candles with the hurricanes & the chalkboard. 

PS - News flash! Did you know that "switcheroo" is a real word? {I Googled it!}

So just by changing the chalkboard message {love this quote} & switching out the nativity for some cute winter family photos, we now have a snow theme which can take us through the next couple of months. 
This photomontage almost has the feel of a 3-D scrapbook. I just love the little branch pinned on the board too. 
I have really enjoyed this pretty chalkboard. And as far as I'm concerned, there is NO OTHER chalk marker than Chalk Ink. I really have tried quite a few other brands & for me they really did not compare. 
The bottom line is that if you have a few good {non-seasonal} basics, you can just change them a little & be ready for a whole new holiday or time of the year!

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