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Tuesday, April 5

20 Landlord Friendly Decor Ideas For Renters

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(Note: The following is a sponsored post from Decals Tree. Thank you Angela for these great ideas.)

We all want to make the space we occupy – the place we call home – speak about our own unique personality. The art of expression in real life, though, brings with it obstacles. Whether your walls are part of a rented apartment or a college dorm room, it’s likely that you are restricted as to how you might decorate it to make it your own. Your rental agreement may not allow you to paint the walls - the quickest and most effective decorating statement. You may also stand to lose a damage deposit if you manage leaves holes in your landlord’s bland white walls.
Do not despair! Thanks to new products and good old creativity, you can customize your space to speak volumes about your take on life without leaving a single nail hole.  Here are 20 tips that you’re sure to love:

1 -Use Washi-Tape
Nothing says “you” like your collection of photos. Now, thanks to “no-residue” tape (like painter’s tape,) you can affix your favorite photos directly to the wall without fear of perforating the paint. Japanese Washi-Tape, comes in a dazzling array of colors and patterns that can “frame” your photos as you tape them up.
2 - Let it all “hang out”
Using the ever growing line of 3M Command adhesive hooks, create a photo clothesline across a wall that could use some color and personality. Then use tiny wooden (or colorful plastic) clothespins to hang your treasured pictures. A cork bulletin board, or cork squares that can be purchased at a home-improvement or craft store, can be a great way to display your photos.
3 - Stick wall arts you love
Posters, seasonal art, or even a quote you love can be effectively given a prominent place on your un-marred walls using 3M Repositionable Clear Spray Adhesive. The coating, which has the feel and stick-worthiness of a Post-it note is amazing. Just spray it on your “art,” and stick it up wherever you want it. Also, if you’re printing your own art using images from your computer, buy a can of Mr. Super Clear Spray to “seal” the ink before you frame it or otherwise display it. This will keep your image clear and un-faded.
4 - Consider wall stickers
These days, you can find amazing removablewall stickers (or vinyl) to add interest to your walls including images of colored flowers and trees to entire faux trompe l’oeil murals. Look for the word “removable” before you buy. offers amazing wall-art images including customized ones right from your camera. These are guaranteed not hurt walls but do ask about removability before you buy.
5 - Removable wallpaper
Even talented art students are discouraged from painting murals on their dorm-room walls, however the creative skills of others race to our rescue in the form of trompe l’oeil murals. These images, printed on removable wallpaper, fool the eye giving the image a 3-dimentional quality. Install a wall niche, put up a window with a garden view or add a portal to another place – these images are available online in entire galleries. Take a look at for some sensational wall, hall, and door ideas. Like other strippable wall paper, there is a process involved in removing the mural when you decide to move, but the process involves just a little elbow grease, some hot water, and a perforation tool available at your local paint or home improvement store.
6 - Show your collectible treasures
Everybody collects something. Whether you enjoy collectible lunch boxes, toys, tools, or vintage greeting cards, there are some creative ways to display them that won’t make your landlord cranky. A small investment in a standing or leaning shelf unit can give your room an entirely new look and a perfect place to share your collectible treasures. Check out the variety at and, as a bonus, know that Wayfair ships for free.
7 - Make use of flea market finds
Flea market finds are pure gold when it comes to inexpensive decorating ideas. If you haunt tag sales and antique shops, you know that one somebody’s trash really is another’s treasure. Larger pieces, like honest-to-goodness pieces of old fences and gates can lean against your wall. Other pieces, such as alphabet letters, old tin signs, or license plates can be put in place with the double-sided tape mentioned earlier.
8 - Paper lamp shade
Keep your eyes peeled for interesting and light-weight items that can be suspended from the ceiling with a push-pin. Mobiles or vintage lamp shades like the paper lamp shade we found on Etsy are perfect whether they work to provide lighting or not. Mirror balls are a bit too heavy for this application, but if a previous tenant left a ceiling hook behind, make use of it.
9 - Paper organizers
Organize your desk or work area. The nice folks at PBteen understand that not all walls are meant for nailing. For this reason, they have a supply of paper wall organizers that have their own adhesive strips to position them on the walls. Visit your favorite office supply store and hang out for a while in the teacher’s section. There you’ll find all manner of organizational gizmos like the pocket chart that adheres to the wall and has individual pockets for bills, file folders, and/or homework. This uses your own clutter as a decorative element.
10 - Build a headboard
With some cardboard, a little foam and a piece of fabric, you can create a wonderful focal point on your bedroom wall in the shape of a headboard for your bed.
11 - Mirror tiles
If you’re looking for big impact on a small budget, consider mounting a grid of mirror tiles to your wall. Mirrors have a way of expanding your room and giving you the feel of spaciousness. These peel and stick tiles can be found at your local big-box store and, with a bit of creativity, you could even pair them with cork tiles to create a pattern.
12 - Backsplashes
While you’re in the tile section of your local building store, look for the peel and stick tiles for backsplashes. These utilitarian items can be stuck to a wall anywhere in your apartment or dorm room and, with creative placement, can become eye candy.
13 - Hang fabric to set the mood
Find a piece of fabric that appeals to you and make it art. You can affix the fabric to the wall or to cardboard using the spray adhesive we discussed earlier, or simply sew a rod-pocket and a seam and use a cheap curtain rod and removable hooks to create a window on an otherwise blank wall. (What if you placed those mirrored tiles behind your ‘curtain?’)
14 - Folding screens
The local dollar store or discount stores such as Big Lots often have folding screens at reasonable prices. Placing a screen provides not only privacy when it’s useful, but gives the eye an artistic resting place. (Consider the acrylic screens with pockets where you can display family photos.)
15 - Plaster medallions
These gorgeous pieces used to grace the ceilings of any fine building but they are heavy and hard to hang. Now, light-weight plastic medallion replicas are available in just about any store that sells ceiling lighting fixtures.  The medallions can be painted in the color of your choice and placed upon your wall in collections for a great focal point in your room or in place of that headboard we talked about earlier. Look for other, smaller faux sculptures for walls and ceilings, as well.
16 - Led lights
If you’re looking to make a lighting statement, visit a party or wedding boutique and see some of the string led lights available there. The applications for these dandy light strings are practically limitless. They come in all colors and in designs from roses to ropes. Placed beneath or above cabinetry, these can provide additional lighting or, if you wish, spell out a hearty welcome to your guests.
17 - Paintable textured wall paper
It is fully strippable and comes in many amazing embossed designs can be applied to any wall and later removed (according to manufacturer instructions,) without leaving a trace. It can give you just a splash of color on an accent wall or sliding closet door, and thoroughly transform your space.
18 - Hats. Hats. Hats.
Since most men have a collection of ball caps and most women wish they had a bushel of bonnets, why not put them to decorative use. In a guy’s space, hats on removable hooks, can personalize a room in a hurry. Ladies can do the same with flea market or dollar store purchases. This is a great idea for small budgets since it uses what you probably already have available.
19 - Removable window film
Removable window film can make your window simply opaque but, if you want it to be part of your home décor, the film also comes in brilliant, colorful patterns like stained glass and florals. The film is easy to apply- just requires a bit of patience – and can make a huge statement. Additionally, there is also a safety element as it can be applied to sliding glass doors to discourage birds and humans from crashing in.
20 - Hang your hobbies
If your guy is a fisherman, use removable hooks to hang his favorite fishing rod, favorite hat, and creel to his bedroom wall. There’s nothing like a home-made macramé hanging, or a hand-knit tapestry. (If you make this from acrylic yarn it will be light as a feather and won’t overburden the removable hooks you hang it with.

With a little creativity and a lot of today’s removable adhesive products, you can customize your apartment or dorm room in short order. Whether your flair is for the classic or thoroughly contemporary look, common objects can become uncommon home décor when you use your imagination.


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