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Friday, December 4

Thanksgiving Re-cap

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Oh my! I guess it's a good thing that I'm so busy living my life that I don't have time to blog about it lately.  Ha ha! I just wanted to re-cap our thanksgiving with our extended Lunt family, & then I will promptly post some Christmas content.

Sis made thanksgiving SO special for us & she outdoes herself every time. I just love her beautiful china - it belonged to her mother & the colors are so pretty.
We almost always bake our turkey in a bag. This year Rob & Jody tried an experiment. They prepared both a fresh (never been frozen) & a frozen turkey & we did a taste test. (Yay for double ovens!) SURPRISE! Many of us couldn't tell the difference & the ones who did preferred the frozen. And now we know! 
How was your thanksgiving? And how are your Christmas preparations coming?

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