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Wednesday, December 23

3 Extraordinary Gift Ideas

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I am blessed with some amazing friends. And really their friendship is the gift. They are also really good at coming up with the neatest ideas when it comes to presents. Here are three presents that I received this year that I thought were "all that in a bag of chips"!

1 - Death by Chocolate
The truth is that if I have to go, I hope I have a little crumb of chocolate on my lip! I'm so excited to use this new Guittard cookbook & Carolee even gave me four varieties to use for the recipes. Most of my Christmas decor was red & white this year, so I adore the striped dish clothes also! So thoughtful.
2 - Wrapped in Love
Colette knows how much I love to wrap gifts & I'm crazy about this pretty wrapping paper, ribbon & notecards. They all mix & match beautifully. I will enjoy them for many months to come. {Notice how even the candy & the ribbon she wrapped my package with coordinates with the actual gift. She does this every year. She's so perfect, she's almost not human.} 
3 - Lemon Loveliness
Oh dear! During many years of friendship, Cathy & I have certainly been through some crap challenges together. She has strengthened me & blessed my life in countless ways. Which makes this lemon-icious gift even more meaningful to me. It's packed with the most clever lemon-themed treats - including gift cards for two of my favorite restaurants {which of course have "lemon" in the title}. And the note? It touched my heart & I'll keep it forever.
I hope you enjoyed seeing these sweet ideas half as much as I enjoyed receiving them.


  1. Great ideas! I just pinned this.

    Merry Christmas, my beautiful friend!!

    1. Thank you my darling friend. You're the best! We had a wonderful Christmas - hope you did too! Sometime when you're in SLC again let's go to lunch.

      Love, Michelle

  2. Oh my gosh--such cute gifts!! I LOVE Cathys lemon themed gifts. Man, she sure is thoughtful and creative! Love this!

    1. Hello Cute Becky, Thank you for taking time to leave a comment. So glad you liked seeing these great ideas. Aren't we so blessed to have Cathy for a friend?!

      Love you! Michelle


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