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Sunday, June 14

Parade of Homes Trends & Highlights

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I recently went to some of the houses featured in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes with my friend Toni from Design Dazzle
Here are some of the things that stood out to me.
1 - Modern French Design
This beautiful dining area was in one of my favorites - Home #24 - "The Highland Hideaway Manor". The decor in this house was traditional, but current. I fell in love with it!

2- Custom Doors & Ceilings
I love doors, doorknobs & keys. I couldn't help but appreciate the custom work we saw. Gorgeousness!

3 - Fantastic Kids Rooms
My favorite youth/children's rooms & baby nurseries are the ones that evoke a mood without being "theme-y".  Think denim/industrial with a "May the Force be With You" pillow instead of Star Wars murals on the walls. This design approach is so much better in the long run. It can more easily change with the child & everyone doesn't get sick of it so quickly.
These two rooms were in my other favorite - Home #27 "Kerr Residence" by Davies Design Build, Inc. 

4 - Fantastic Outdoor Living Spaces
This was actually the element I envied the most. Many of the homes featured huge covered patios with fireplaces. Some also had a swimming pool and a bathroom outside - as well as a flat screen TV.  What a great space to entertain.

5 - Contemporary Home Styles
"The Elmwood" {Home #31} built by Emerald Homes was worth seeing even if you don't love contemporary design. It was a modern throwback to mid-century modern style.
- This pivoting front door was a show stopper -
6 - Stripes
They weren't all black & white, but they were all very cute!
7 - Neutral Backgrounds with Pops of Bright Color

My favorite house was Home #27 "Kerr Residence" by Davies Design Build, Inc. It was a beautiful family home with so many happy elements. I especially loved the many secret passageways for children to enjoy.

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