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Monday, May 5

Free Printable Quote by Noelle Pikus Pace

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During a recent blogging conference {click here for the recap}, I was privileged to hear Nicole Pikus Pace deliver a key-note speech. Noelle wowed me & my family as we watched her in the recent olympics. And when she won the silver medal in the skeleton, I was moved to tears. Not because silver is my favorite color, but because of Noelle's beautiful spirit, how she persevered through trials  & her humble attitude about winning. 

When I met her in person, she didn't disappoint!
The amazing Noelle Pikus Pace surrounded by some of her closest blogger friends {he he!} -
& Me {holding her silver medal - which is quite heavy!} 

Noelle shared a story about a particularly difficult track in Germany with a 360° turn. Noelle said that she was very worried about hitting the roof of the track as she passed under it. She kept looking at the track section that she wanted so badly to avoid & as a result - she did indeed hit it & sustained injuries. She said she learned a very valuable lesson that day, "Where you look is where you'll go". Keep your eyes on your goals! What an important lesson. Here's a free printable to help us remember . . . 

Noelle Pikus Pace Where You Look is Where You'll Go photo NoellePikusPaceWhereYouLookjpg.jpg

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